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Time Lapse Photography

This is not the greatest guide on how to do a time lapse photography sequence, but it's how I have done it in the past and it worked for me. This is also available as a pdf file in the downloads section (Not yet available).

So what do I need?

Time and paitience are key to this, if you only have twenty minutes to go and shoot then do something else as you will not be pleased at all with your results and you will not have a sequence of more than a couple of seconds. I recommend the following kit to allow you to get the best start.

How do I calculate how many shots, how long to shoot for and so on?

So you have a calculator and a degree in maths and physics? Nope, me neither! so all I am going to do here is post a link to a lovely little website that will calculate it all for you. Votex Media. Rule of thumb though, if you if your photo will take one second, you need a space of at least one photo every TWO seconds. or the intervalometer/camera will try to take one photo while the other one is already being taken.

On to the photography.

It's now a significantly number of hours later, you have reached home, warmed up and realised that you have 2500 photos on your memory card. Connect up the card to computer and let them transfer. Go eat - you deserve it, maybe even a beer or cider.

Still to come how to make the video bit of it!

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