Lensmeister Photography


Lensmeister photography is the portfolio of Neil Thaler.

Neil - The LensmeisterNeil started his photography back in his childhood and started with one of the old fashioned 126 cameras, disc and 35mm compact cameras before beginning to take it seriously in his mid teenage years. Once he had begun working and was able to start to take his photography more seriously, he purchased a Praktika MTL5B. This lasted a number of years before he managed to upgrade to a Miranda MS2 with a couple of basic lens. This trusted old camera lasted a number of years and in 1994 was stolen in a burglary at his home.

A Canon EOS 1000fn was bought in replacement with a Canon EF 35-105mm USM lens. Over the years other lenses were added until after a couple of years later a Canon EOS 10 was bought. This camera developed Neil's photography to a new level. In September 2005 Neil moved into the digital age with a Canon EOS 350D. This allowed him to post his football photographs on various forums easily and quickly. Neil, also about this time, joined various forms and online groups and took his photography more seriously than had before. Neil won a couple of minor competitions on the internet (the Digital Site) and has branched out from football and sports photography to other categories.

In recet years Neil aquired a Canon EOS 7D which has brought him more high definition images and with the older lenses and a couple of new ones his photography is gaining interest from others.

Why Lensmeister? Well lens because of the camera element, and meister is the germanic word for master. The two were simply added together way back in about 1991 and kept the nickname ever since.

Welcome to the site it is hoped you like it and will visit again for updates.