Lensmeister Photography


What on earth do you mean Lensmeister?

Well, Multiplicity is also known as Multiple Exposures, and is so much easier than in the days of film. I won't go into the how it used to be as I will get frustrated as I used to do. You will need the following items:

First set your scene, The photo above I used my garden three chairs and a table all pretty standard stuff. You can go to a local playground or park and set up there. Set you camera up on the sturdy surface/tripod. Prefocus on the subject in hand (the garden furnature was a good idea but anything including the model will work).
If possible, switch your focus off, get your model/self into position and take photo #1.
Move your model/self and take photo #2.
Repeat until you have all the shots you need.
Go home and upload your photos to your computer.

This part is about how to create the final image and I use Photoshop to get the result I want. Paint Shop Pro and Gimp can also be used to do this but my instructions here are for PS.

You now have your very own Multiplicity photo. Congratulations. A illustrated pdf version of this tutorial is available in the downloads section of my site.

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